A little part number explanation

Because it is a little bit confusing for some, I wanted to post a front / back picture of one of our newer stocked cartridges, the HP 2560, also known as the Q2392A.

HP 2560 Ink cartridge

HP 2560 Ink cartridge

This formulation is the original formula for the SECAP Picaso and the RENA Easy-Ink, which was licensed through HP and private labelled by those two companies.  The ink was reformulated into the CG353A, but kept the same or similar names.

Now, HP is packaging the original formula as the Q2392A or HP 2560, available at a discount to the two private labelled newer formulations.

So, if you were having success with the original formulation, or possibly didn’t know it changed, there is a lower cost alternative to the SECAP Picaso and RENA Easy-Ink.  If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Giant Thanks

We would like to pass on a great big thank you to everyone who participated in the Ink4Mail Vote4Change recycling campaign.  We had our biggest collection of recycle returns so far thanks to our dedicated customers. Send your empty cartridges in anytime that is convenient for you but we are looking to start another push for them around Mother’s Day.  For more information on our recycling program go to http://www.ink4mail.com/faq/recycle .

Ink4Mail.com would like to wish all of our loyal customers a Happy New Year!!

Starting the New Year gives us all new opportunities and possibilities.  With all the holidays behind us Ink4Mail.com has started the New Year by adding some new products to our already extensive list of quality HP and Collins Inks.  Recently  we added the Collins TWK1961H Super Fast Black Ink.  This ink was designed to print on scratch-off lottery tickets.  We have also recently added the Collins TWK2103 Pack Ink which is ideal for coding and marking.  The addition we are most excited about is the return of the HP Q2392A.  This ink, best used on glossy substrates or aqueous, was reformulated years ago as CG353A, branded and sold as Picaso, Rena and Easy Ink.  HP has now purchased the rights and has begun producing the old formulation again for those who used to use it and were not happy to see it go or anyone who is looking for a good quality value on ink that will print on aqueous stock.

Please be sure to check out these new items at Ink4mail.com as well as all of the rest of quality line of HP, Collins and Colorlabs Ink Cartridges we sell.

We look forward to many new additions and opportunities to the Ink4Mail.com website in the upcoming year.  This is made possible by all of our dedicated, loyal and new customers.  We wish all of you a happy and healthy new year.