Rug yanked out from underneath

Sometimes there is collateral damage to an industry based on the decisions of others.  I waffle back and forth sometimes on the pluses and minuses of Apple’s closed ecosystem.  Given a previous relationship with Bose, this one seems a little bit clumsy, but I suppose if I spent that much for a brand, I’d want to increase my possibilities of selling some without competition :)

A change in dynamics

This post isn’t really about the plusses and minuses of Adam Sandler Movies, that could probably take up a lot of time on a Psychiatrist’s couch, but more about how streaming video has become a viable starting distribution point for full length feature films, with high paid star actors.

As we begin to absorb the realities of the digital age, what other standard distribution practices are at risk?

Recycle Thank yous!

The recycled cartridges from our Vote4Change campaign, and the results are already a resounding win.  We appreciate your interest in recycling the cartridges, so they can be used again, and we know you appreciate a little discount off of your next order.

Keep those machines busy during the political mail season, and keep letting us know when you need labels to send them back to us.

As a caution, try to be aware of situations where the ink may leak on it’s way back to us, as that causes a number of issues, as you might suspect :)