Content marketing

Direct mail has kindof always been about content marketing, hasn’t it?  It was content marketing when content marketing wasn’t cool (To borrow from any number of country songs )  Here’s some info on how the brain processes visual vs. textual … Continue reading

Writing doesn’t have to be lengthy.

As I write these short blurbs about marketing and business that we hope relates to the issues you are facing, I’m glad that someone has told me I don’t have to make them too long  How about you?

Labor Day will be closed in honor of Labor Day on Monday, September 1, 2014. Even though summer is unofficially ending, it marks the beginning of our Vote4Change campaign. will kick off a new recycling campaign while political mailing season … Continue reading

Big Data Example

I found this to be an interesting example of using “Big Data”.  You probably wouldn’t think that you’d be tracked by your location and the song you like, and when.

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