Is digital personalization now part of pop culture?

With the overwhelming brand awareness of Coca-Cola, and the success of their share a coke campaign, has the concept of digital personalization taken hold in pop culture?  Is an understanding of the concept by the general public going to create an expectation for more from direct mail contacts as well?

Expensive oops

Somewhere deep inside, I hope we’re all techies at heart.  I know we are around this office.  Sometimes it is difficult to change society’s vocabulary when a term has already been ingrained.  Such is the case with poor Microsoft.  They have a neat technical device called the Microsoft Surface, which appears to be a stout competitor to the much more familiar iPad.  Here’s a story about how that bit them, just a little, and how much they paid for that nibble :)

What do you think of the stickers?

We designed the Vote4Change stickers to help you collect your recycles and return them to ink4mail for account credit, and wanted to get a little bit of feedback as to how you think they look?  Place them on a sturdy box and put them in a prominent place, so your empty ink cartridges will find the box, rather than a trash can.  We’ll recycle any HP 45 size cartridge, like HP Versatile (C8842A), or HP Fast Dry (C6195A), along with the Collins Inks that we carry Max 2, Max 3, Endurance, Reliable, etc.  Keep your eye out for emails and blog postings over the next couple of months for additional incentives!

Educational and promotional priorities

This is a little farther away from standard “business” topic, or at least looking at it from a longer term perspective.  Having a couple of kids in hockey myself, I can attest to the fact that birth date is a very large factor in terms of being selected for better teams, and subsequently getting better coaching early on in development.  Big factor number two is when puberty rolls in :)

Coming Soon!!


Coming in your next order will be a Vote4Change sticker.  This sticker is to place on a box in a prominent area to collect all your empty cartridges to send back for recycling.  Watch for the sticker in your next shipment.  For more details, keep checking our blog or visit

Content marketing

Direct mail has kind of always been about content marketing, hasn’t it?  It was content marketing when content marketing wasn’t cool (To borrow from any number of country songs :) )  Here’s some info on how the brain processes visual vs. textual information and how that can impact how we communicate with our customers.