Interesting use of big data

Each individual tweet that is sent out can probably be described in value on a range from none at all, to huh, interesting :)  But, if we can find ways to collect and analyze them in larger groupings it can give us information about larger human behaviors, which unfortunately seems to be as much of an influence on the stock market as the fundamentals of the companies, themselves.

Looking for testers for some sample inks

As a result of our visits with a few vendors at Pack Expo, we have some sample cartridges that we are looking for customers to try, free of charge, but with a couple of strings attached, in terms of giving us some feedback on the specifics of what was being printed on, and the equipment being used.

One formulation is specifically designed for Clay Coated Paper and other porous substrates, while remaining more waterproof.

Another formulation is designed to give an excellent image on OPP, PET and other coated substrates, including some films, without requiring a dryer.

And a third formulation is designed to print well on Varnish (Aqueous Acrylic Overcoat), Gravure Print Surface, and UV Overcoat.

If you are interested in testing some of these inks for us, please contact us at, with information about what cartridge you are currently using and what you are printing on.

We look forward to working with you.

More from Pack Expo

While exploring the tradeshow floor, met with a few of the important players in the mailing and package printing ink business.  Hewlett Packard is expanding their product offerings in the area of printing on a variety of coated stock with their new HP 2580 formulation.  If you are interested in testing this new sku, please contact us.

Hewlett Packard New Inks for Coated Stock

Hewlett Packard New Inks for Coated Stock

A little bit of travelling

Took a brief trip to meet with our suppliers at Pack Expo in Chicago last week, and came back with some positive information.  As more printers look to print on more aggressive surfaces (UV and Aqueous coated stocks, etc), the ink manufacturers are developing new formulations, and even new cartridges (HP 45si), to help make that possibility a reality.  I’ll be posting more of what we found out over the next couple of weeks, as we work to confirm our information, and make our decisions from there as to how best serve you in this new market.