Collins Endurance Ink making a charge!

Collins Endurance Ink (TWK-2010H) has become one of our best selling Collins ink over the past several months, close to overtaking Max 2 as the second best selling Collins Ink at

Max 3 is still our most popular Collins Ink, but Endurance may be headed in that direction.

It gets under my skin …

We’ve had numerous instances since we’ve been in business to see non oem cartridges marketed as originals by either HP or Collins Ink.  Being the most popular cartridge we sell, the HP c8842a Versatile Black is by far the most common culprit.

It used to fall primarily under the category of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, where the name said HP, but the pricing said “no way”.  That seems to have changed a bit, where more of the non HP cartridges are priced more similarly to an OEM HP cartridge, making it harder to tell, especially by us from here at a distance whether it is a legitimate HP cartridge or not.   Most of the time, I would guess that we don’t ever find out, because the purchase is already made before we get to look at the competition.

If you have a question about whether the cartridge you are purchasing is a legitimate OEM, please give us a call.  We try to very clearly mark on our website what cartridges are OEM (anything listed under our Hewlett Packard section) vs. remanufactured (Color Labs section).

Let me be clear, I am not knocking remanufactured cartridges, we’ve been selling them for years, and many of our customers have very good results from them.  I am disappointed in those marketing remanufactured or refilled cartridges as OEM.

Thank you for your loyalty, we appreciate it.  If you have any questions, please ask.

Collins Endurance Ink

Collins TWK2010H (Endurance) is flying off the shelves these days!  Thank you to our many loyal customers that are purchasing it from us.

A brief description from the KAO Collins website “Endurance Black (TWK-2010H) is a dye-based ink that was designed for bulk applications. It provides a dark image and high contrast throughout which results in lower impression costs. This ink provides high ink volume throughput.”

You can order it, and get more information from our Collins Endurance Ink page.

Thank you again for your loyalty.  We hope to continually exceed your expectations.

Recycle for Mother’s Day

Clean up after yourself, and get some cash back.  Your mother would be proud.  Take a few minutes to find the used ink cartridges you have floating around the place.  Once you’ve gathered 50 or more of HP Versatile, Fast Dry, or Collins Max 2 or Max 3 or similar, let us know how many, a weight, and how many boxes, and we’ll send you a label to ship them to us at no cost.  Then your account will be credited based on how many you send, and how many are OEM vs refills.

It isn’t a bad thing to clean up!!