Coding and Marking Inks

As we start looking ahead, ink4mail is working to expand our product line, specifically looking for additional inks that work well for Marking and Coding.  We are beginning a partnership with General Ink Company, starting with their IQ2392a ink, that was licensed to HP for their Q2392A and was also used for the SECAP Picasso and Rena Easy-Ink lines.  We will be purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

As an aside, they also have a variety of other inks, including a white ink (pictured below) that can print on non-porous substrates.  Let us know if you would be interested (lead times will be a little bit longer in the beginning).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at



Additional inks from Collins

To follow up on the very popular Max 2 and Max 3 inks, there is some info spreading around about an upgraded ink along the lines of the Max 3.  Currently in development and testing, we hope to hear about a new, improved ink from Kao Collins in the near future.

New delivery ideas from Collins

While working my way around Pack Expo, I stopped and chatted with one of our premium suppliers, KaoCollins.  Anybody else having trouble getting used to the new name?

They were showing off a prototype of a new ink delivery system that puts the nozzles end to end, rather than side by side, which makes the reach of a single head 1 inch across, rather than 1/2 inch.

Benefits of less registration issues between heads, with the offset of having 1/2 of the resolution.

We’ll keep our eyes out for production models, and let you know.


Pack Expo update

Spent a day in Chicago at Pack Expo, and will have a number of things to report over the next several weeks.  Got interesting new information from a number of vendors, including Collins Ink, Hewlett Packard, and General Ink (suppliers of the ink for Q2392A).

We’ve got some things in the works that we aren’t quite ready to announce, so I figured a tease would be appropriate for today.