Recycles Update

Thank you for all of your efforts in emptying out your storage closets of all your empty cartridges.  We created quite a pile on this end.  We’ve gotten some additional information on proper care of recycled cartridges in terms of protecting the copper wires that are very delicate.

We’ll have more information and pictures soon to help you with your next batch.

So, don’t throw away any of your old versatiles or collins cartridges.  In fact, you can also send back the remanufactured ones, like ColorLabs and others.  We won’t be able to reimburse you as well, but it will make a nice, clean spot on your shelf, and a little more cash in your wallet.

Early Spring Cleaning Recycle Bonus

Early Spring Cleaning Recycle Bonus

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather around here, so it gets us thinking about spring.

To help you get to rummaging through your piles of spent cartridges, we’re going to give you an early spring incentive.

Now, through March 15th, we will be giving a bonus on cartridges you recycle with us.

These are for “new” cartridges, filled with HP or Collins Inks, not remanufactured, like ColorLabs or other suppliers.

Send us:

  • 50 – 199 cartridges – bonus 20 cents per cartridge
  • 200+ cartridges – bonus 30 cents per cartridge

The above bonus is in addition to the 30 cents you currently get for your recycling new cartridges with

Just a reminder that if you ship us 50 or more, we will pick up the shipping charges via UPS ground.

Please back them into as few boxes as possible (max 50lbs each), and call or send us an email with the weights, and we’ll send you a UPS label to tape to the box.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at, or call 866-INK-CART (465-2278)

Have A Great Spring (a bit early)!

Red Tape?

You hopefully noticed that our recent orders have been shipping out with red tape on the package.  We know that the term “red tape” has some negative connotations, but we hope you realize we did this for your benefit.  Red Tape makes the box easier to see, so you don’t miscount your inventory, so you can re-order on time.  Red tape means the box was packaged with care, and double-checked to make sure you get the right cartridges on  time.

We hope you like the new presentation.  Please let us know if there is anything else you need from us.

Update on HP Ink cartridges

As some of our loyal customers know, there has been an increase in failed HP cartridges in the past 6 months or so.  This has been most pronounced in Collins Inks (Max 2, Max 3, etc) as they purchase new HP cartridges (part# c6125a, that you might see on some boxes) and then fill them with their various inks.

We have not seen the same level of trouble from HP inks directly (versatile, fast dry, etc), but don’t have a good explanation for the discrepancy.

HP has been aware of the problem and an update from them today indicates that they expect to have their quality control measures improved in the next couple of months.

We apologize that this has impacted some of our customers, and even more so that we were caught a little bit uninformed.

If the cartridges get to you and it looks like they exploded in the bag, that is exactly the symptoms we are talking about.

Contact us when you see these cartridges, and we will work out an efficient way to replace them.

Thank you for your patience.

Q2392A is discontinued, and our supply is gone

We’re out. Our suppliers are out.

HP has discontinued the sale of the Q2392A cartridge, that is typically used for Aqueous coated stocks.

We’ve sold it as Picasso in the past, as well as the HP Q2392A. It is also referred to as the HP 2560.

A solution is in the works, but a little background info on the Q2392A might help.

HP licensed the ink in the Q2392A from a company called General Ink, based in Japan. HP also private labelled the ink to a few companies, including SECAP which marketed the ink as Picasso, and RENA, which marketed the ink as EasyInk.

When HP discontinued the cartridge, they ended their license with General Ink.

As a result, Ink4mail has signed an agreement to source these cartridges from General Ink, filled with the Q2392A ink.

We hope to have those cartridges in before the 1st of the year, but we have not received confirmation of delivery yet.

Initial pricing will be the same as the HP Q2392A cartridges.

We will send out additional information as soon as we get them in.

We apologize for the temporary outage, but we anticipate it to be only a week or so.