Ethics, professionalism and good manners …

This may not qualify as good manners, but it bugs me a bit that I have to answer the question whether our HP ink (c8842a, c6195a) is OEM (manufactured  by Hewlett Packard), as opposed to being a refill.  We try to be very clear that our cartridges listed as HP are HP.  We list our refills or remanufactured (by ColorLabs) as such.

My difficulty is with the misrepresentation of words like compatible, and equivalent, which provide much more assurance than is actually there.  We have a lot of experience with remanufactured cartridges, and their quality across the board has improved through the years, but trying to market those with the name HP attached in large letters, and forcing customers to go through the fine print doesn’t sit well with me.

We hope that you appreciate our being straightforward with what we sell, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

HP Q2392A End of Life

We’ve received word from a couple of sources that HP has announced End of Life for the Q2392A, which is used primarily for aqueous coated stocks.  We are working with the original supplier of the ink to Hewlett Packard, and have a few sample cartridges available.  Pricing has not yet been finalized, but if you would like to try out one of the sample cartridges, please contact us at