Back to school news

Ok, so it has been awhile since we’ve posted anything of note, or anything at all for that matter.  The business slowdowns of summer, as people take much deserved vacations, and hopefully get to spend some time with family, etc.  Now it is back to school season (in case you hadn’t noticed), and we hope that you are gearing up for a great fall season.

A very interesting, counterintuitive article

This is an article that goes against what our stereotypical thoughts are, although with a degree in economics well back in my rearview mirror, it makes a lot of sense in talking about people as (relatively) rational actors.

I also make the connection that as a small business owner, I am like a bank with AP and AR, sometimes more than my local branch.

Collins Endurance Ink making a charge!

Collins Endurance Ink (TWK-2010H) has become one of our best selling Collins ink over the past several months, close to overtaking Max 2 as the second best selling Collins Ink at

Max 3 is still our most popular Collins Ink, but Endurance may be headed in that direction.