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Upgraded shopping cart experience at

We’ve put in a lot of effort over the last few months making the purchasing experience better for our customers.  You may have noticed recently a new and improved interface for the shopping cart.  We’ve especially refined the mobile side of things, so you can place your orders while on the go, or out in the plant, or wherever you may be.  Please be on the lookout for additional features coming soon that will help you place repeat orders, and make online orders under your credit terms.

Please let us know at if there are other features that would make your lives easier when dealing with us, and please take a look at our improvements at

Welcome to the family

We’ve only been carrying the HP Q2392A for a short time, and it has already become quite popular.  It is the original formula that RENA carried as their Easy Ink, and SECAP private labelled as Picaso.  Each of those brands moved to the CG353A formulation (which we still carry as Picaso), and HP has put their own name of 2560 ink onto the original formula, designed for printing on Aqueous coated stocks.

If you’re interested in a general purpose ink for aqueous coated stocks, and would like to save a few $$ per cartridge, the Q392A is a good choice.

Thank you for all your loyalty to