Trauma Sensitive Classrooms

The entire education profession is often undersold and underappreciated. The extensive behind-the-scene work that teachers, administrators, and counselors participate in help to maintain a healthy and happy educational environment for your children. Unfortunately, in recent years, education-based professions have had to participate in seminars and attend classes not necessarily needed a decade ago.

Schools are not only required by their district to practice a certain number of lock downs, but some districts are now requiring their employees to attend some form of trauma-sensitive trianing explaining the specific signs of trauma that students may show and how to deal with it.

Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, are becoming more and more common. In one study, more than one in five students reported three or more ACEs. These can be experiences such as homelessness, hunger, emotional abuse, domestic violence, etc. Other studies claim 90% of students will experience at least one death of a loved one by the time they enter high school. Middle school and early high school-aged students often have an identity crisis when faced with emotional situations they don’t know how to deal with. They lash out against other individuals and may self-harm.

Teachers are made aware of these issues because students need to feel loved, valued and appreciated. Teachers provide encouragement and act as a role model understanding how to respect authentic responses to traumatic situations. They are taught to teach the proper and healthy ways to deal with stress while still balancing the ability to recognize teachable moments and when to let a child have an outburst due to their lack of reception in the height of emotions.

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Reaching Your Target Market

As a young business, it’s important to figure out as soon as possible the target audience for which your product is going to be sold. Approaching the market too broadly can result in overspending and wasting valuable time. Reach Marketing can help to alleviate some of the issues surrounding understanding your consumers and getting your product to them. They can help with problems of deliverance, lack of creativity within your product, and lack of correct data about your market. Click here for more information.

Top International Ink Companies of 2017

As you may recall, the year of 2017 was a fairly smooth-sailing year for the ink industry. The rise in digital printing throughout 2016 was no longer surprising, and even less exciting entering the new year. The largest news this past year came from Sun Chemical’s acquisition of Flint Group’s European ink business or Evonik’s completed acquisition. There are rumors, however, that we will see an increase of challenges in the market this year.

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Expanding Your Email Capabilities

Having difficulty acquiring new customers for your company? Using communication tools, such as email, are essential for successful marketing. The Email Prospecting Ecosystem has created a 5-step plan to help your business obtain new buyers. The steps emphasize developing a contact strategy, altering your message, and more.

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Marketing for the Modern Screen

According to Sarah Mannone, Vice President of client services at multichannel marketing firm, TREKK, Inc. and writer for Target Marketing, by 2021 82% of all internet traffic will be caused by video. Successful marketing campaigns utilizing video take into account a list of six items. This list includes capturing your consumers’ attention quickly and keeping it using a variety of highly-detailed graphics. Knowing how to manipulate sound and the length of your ad can greatly impact how it is perceived by your target audience as well.

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Connecting to Customers

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Proper Marketing

With the conclusion of another year, it’s important to create resolutions and determine if changes need to be made within your company. According to Thorin McGee, Editor-in-Chief for Target Marketing, “[marketing’s] core role inside the company must be to represent the customer.” Of course the end game of any company is to produce revenue based off of your product, but your business may need to reevaluate their priorities if taking into account what your customer’s want, how you treat them, and how you plan to communicate those wants are not on your agenda.

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