Delicate cartridges

Although at times, the HP 45 ink cartridge can seem to be indestructible, but the copper circuitry can be very delicate and subject to creases, which will make them non-functional.  Please instruct everyone that inserts the cartridges into the machine to not use excessive force, as physical damage to the circuitry due to misuse is not covered by warranty.  This is true for all of our cartridges, whether from HP, Collins Ink, or Color Labs.  Color Labs, as a re-manufacturer, tests each cartridge as it comes in, to make sure that it passes their quality standards.

Is it versatile season?

As we move into the heart of the political mailing season, we tend to see trends of more standardized mailings on more standard paper stocks based on ink sales trends.  It seems that our number one seller, HP’s versatile ink (c8842a), becomes a bit more popular during political season.  We’ll keep our stock levels up for those last minute mailings.

Have a great July 4th holiday…

Whether you’re dealing with drought, or dancing between raindrops to get a chance at your favorite summer holiday events, we hope that you make a great time of it.  Have a fantastic 4th of July!!

We will be open on July 1st for orders, but will be closed on July 4th.