Thoughts on AI and Small Business

I’m not an AI expert, but I have been tinkering around the edges a little bit, and wanted to pass along my thoughts about how AI may impact Small Businesses.

Will it replace anyone? I don’t think it will have much impact that way in small businesses. More people in small businesses wear many hats, and so it may help make one portion of someone’s job a little more efficient, but not wholesale replacement.

It is a tool. I’ve tinkered around with text AI and image generation AI, and it has some shortcomings currently, despite the hype. What it creates is pretty impressive, as long as it is a situation where accuracy doesn’t matter as much (opinion writing vs math problems).

Questions I don’t yet have answers to: With most Large Language Models being trained on information on the internet, how will it adapt when it is further trained on information that was generated using the model? How does it validate the information?

Who owns the content. If I ask an image generating AI to create a stock image with buildings and 2 teenagers in front looking at their iPhones, who owns that image? It isn’t copied from somewhere else, so I don’t think that is an issue, unless it was trained too heavily on an existing set of image data, but is it owned by the creator of the model, or is it owned by the creator of the prompt. My guess is lawyers and courts will be busy for awhile.