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HP Spot Color Inks

HP OEM Spot Color Ink Cartridges

HP C6170A – Spot Color Blue Cartridge 

Product Code: 6170A
Manufacturer: HP
Manufacturer ID #: C6170A
Shipping Weight: 0.35 lbs.

HP C6170A Product Information

The C6170A disposable print cartridges, also known as Spot Color, are composed of a printhead, interconnect, and a blue ink supply. They are designed to print 600 dots per inch for use in applications where high quality output on porous media is required.Non-contact drop-on-demand provides reliable, quiet printing. The Integrated Driver Head (IDH) technology coordinates individual nozzles through a multiplexing scheme and fires all nozzles through 52 interconnect pads. A thermal sense resistor measures temperature for thermal management of the print head, as well as burnout protection.The Spot Color print cartridges are designed to be snapped in and out for easy replacement.


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