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General Questions

What are your recommendations for using the various HP Cartridges?

The HP C8842A or HP Versatile cartridge lives up to its title.  It is designed to work on a wide variety of paper stocks without having to change out cartridges between production runs.

The HP C6195A or “Fast Dry” cartridge is designed to work on porous stocks, but dry faster to allow better throughput for high volume machines.

The IQ2392A-N is specifically designed for aqueous coated stocks.

Do these cartridges work with the Microboards Print Factory?

Yes, the HP C8842A is a recommended cartridge for the Microboards Print Factory.

Are your HP C8842A cartridges OEM or remanufactured ?

We carry both HP OEM and remanufactured cartridges.  In our shopping cart area  we list our cartridges sorted by OEM and compatibles.  The compatible cartridges are remanufactured cartridges, but everything listed under HP OEM are original HP cartridges sealed new in the box.

We received a cartridge that won’t work. We’ve ordered lots before and have never had a problem.

Although HP has very high quality standards in their production, occasionally one or more cartridges will not properly function.  In these cases, please review our “cartridge care section”.  If these steps are not successful, please return the cartridges to us for testing.  If we can make the cartridges function, we will return them to you, otherwise we will issue you a refund.

I am inquiring what the shipping and handling fees would be on 12 cartridges of C8842A Ink and also because this is a government charge card we are tax exempt.

Our shopping cart calculates shipping costs based on shipping weight of each item, and the zip code to which the order is delivered.  We also offer a drop down list of alternate shipping options if the number of days in transit for UPS Ground shipping is larger than you need for your delivery.  We ship cartridges out of Saint Louis, Missouri, so any cartridges shipped out of state are not charged sales tax.

Please send me quotation for 100pcs of C8842A.

We appreciate the opportunity to give you a quote on larger orders.  We ship them promptly with the same great customer service that our other customers expect.  If you place your order by 4pm Central Time we will guarantee that it will ship the same day, or we will refund your shipping costs.  Some orders placed later than 4pm are also shipped the same day, but we cannot guarantee them.

Do you carry the IQ2392 Black Ink Cartridge?

HP has discontinued the sale of the Q2392A cartridge, that is typically used for Aqueous coated stocks.  We carry the IQ2392A-N cartridges.  We have signed an agreement to source these cartridges from General Ink, filled with the Q2392A ink.  We have these cartridges in stock, and ready for shipment.

Can we set up credit terms with

Yes, for our loyal and reliable customers we offer invoicing and terms.  We usually recommend credit card payment for the first couple of orders, so you can learn to trust us, and we can get to know you.  Please feel free to call us for a credit application.

Is there a way for me to clean and maintain my Ink Cartridges?

 Maintenance and Handling.

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