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Printing on PVC Material

Printing on PVC is ideally suited for the printing of ID cards, gift cards and other similar items. ¬†Due to the chemical properties of the PVC, it isn’t easy to create an ink formulation that dries quickly, dries dark, and stays permanent.

Kao Collins ink has a couple of choices to achieve those results, but as with many processes there are trade offs.

Kao Collins Shark (TSK-1948) is formulated to have excellent permanence, and print quality, but needs a little extra time to dry.

Kao Collins Max 3 (TWK-1396) doesn’t have as high a marks on permanence, but prints on a larger variety of stocks.

Kao Collins Bear (TSK-2039) has excellent permanence and dry time, but as a result print quality suffers slightly.

The ideal solution depends on the specific characteristics of the performance that are important to you.

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