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HP C8842A - Versatile Black Ink Cartridge

Manufacturer: HP
Manufacturer Model: C8842A
Product Code: C8842A
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The C8842A print cartridge, known as Versatile Black, contains a pigment-based ink that enables printing on coated media with exceptional results. An innovation for Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology, this ink has been specially manufactured for use in the industrial printing markets. Versatile Black is a reliable, 100% tested, HP product for printing on porous and non-porous glossy media.

Versatile Black is fast drying and enables high printing speeds on both porous and coated media. For best results on coated media, a heater should be used. Versatile Black provides print quality without transfer and without the need to change cartridges between media!

For small- to medium-sized print shops and offices, Versatile Black is the solution for producing coated and uncoated envelopes, flyers, and tri-fold mailers with a premium feel that gets readers to respond.


HP's Versatile Black ink and thermal inkjet technology bring new opportunities to print shops wanting to print more
coated pieces:

  • Lower printer purchase price and maintenance costs
  • High production, with faster printing on both porous and coated media, and without the need to change inks
  • Ability to produce sharp, rich black text and high quality spot color on coated paper in a single pass- without transfer and without sacrificing speed

Versatile Black dries in less than one second on porous paper without a heater, and in less than one second on coated paper with a standard IR heater. Along with other HP thermal inkjet inks, Versatile Black is environmentally friendly. It is water-based, not solventbased, so there are no harmful fumes to create extra challenges and no need to buy special chemical
cleaners or hire service technicians qualified to handle volatile solvents.


  • Prints on Tyvek
  • Specially designed for use on industrial mail tables
  • Remains light-fast and water-fast
  • Print resolution: 600 dpi
  • Number of nozzles: 300
  • Print swath width: 1/2 in.
  • Operating frequency: up to 12 kHz
  • Drop volume: 29 pl
  • Ink capacity (delivered): 40 cc
  • Operating conditions:10C to 40C
    10 to 80% RH
  • Shipping/storage conditions (in original HP packaging only): 10C to 30C 5 to 80% RH 0 to 5000m altitude orientation of nozzles up or on side

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