When asked about SEO, my answer is …

Google wants to identify an authoritative resource for the answer to any query, so if what you are doing doesn’t help with that, you’re probably heading down the wrong path.  A computer can figure out how to stuff keywords, an authoritative resource makes it sound good in English (or whatever the preferred language is).

Here are some examples of trying to find the “silver bullet”, rather than trying to work to be an expert.

A boost to your tax refund

With tax day being Monday, April 15th, the day most U.S. Citizens dread as the day that income tax filings are due, we want to help out.

To boost your tax refund, gather up your empty inkjet cartridges, and send them back for credit toward your next ink4mail order.

Cartridges from Kao Collins (Max 2, Max 3, SuperFast Black, etc) and Hewlett Packard (c8842a Versatile and others) are worth at least 75 cents each.  $1.00 each if you recycle 150 or more cartridges at a time.

Cartridges that have been refilled are worth 25 cents each.

Please fill out our form at, and we’ll send you a UPS label for shipping them back to us.

Hmmmm. Yummm?

Many moons ago, I completed a degree in Food and Resource Economics, and although most of this discussion is from the investor side of things, I find this concept intriguing.  However, I’ve often joked that a Ag Economics degree (or Food and Resource Economics, depending on how recently you received it), is just a Business Degree with spoilage.  That’s the part of this concept that gets difficult.  It is possibly easier to move packaged goods (cereals, etc) in this manner, but the time sensitive nature of fresh foods, and cold storage and transportation issues of things like Milk and Ice Cream (what’s that leaking out of that Amazon Box :) ), make grocery delivery much more difficult, especially across distances, and in small quantities.

That being said, it will be interesting to watch.