Simple Tools for Print Marketing Impressions

Like us, I’m sure you’re all trying to leave a lasting impression on your clients and potential clients. One of the longest standing ways to do so is personalized print marketing, which with the dawn of digital personalization has gone by the wayside. According to this article, 56% of consumers trust print over any other kind of marketing…

Here are some simple ideas to make lasting impressions with traditional marketing materials.

What’s in a name? 2.0

Two days ago I posted about the bizarre yet successful IHOP name change. Today we’re going to the baseball diamond to explore one of the obscure trends finding its way to minor league ballparks across the country: one day name changes.

(I will admit, minor league baseball is a fascination of mine, which may or may not come back into play later on in this blog)


What’s in a name?

Ok, let’s all be honest, we all thought it was awfully weird that one of the world’s most popular breakfast joints, IHOP, suddenly and drastically changed their name to IHOb. But was it actually the marketing ploy of the year? Possibly. Should we expect the change to be long-term? Probably not.

Andria Cheng from on why this could change the market breakdown in casual dining:

Competition is good…

Actually tried to play the DVD from Lion King 1 1/2 this weekend, and couldn’t get it done because it was scratched beyond the player’s ability to read it.  No options that we found to rent a stream of it, so this would fit the bill.  I am not going to answer whether my wife and I, or my kids, are over the age typically associated with Disney Animated Movies :)

I wish this option, or the Netflix option were available this weekend.