Fall Recycling season

As we enter the 2018 Political season, we want to make sure you’re aware of how you can get a real reward from being a loyal customer.

Place a recycle label on a box or two around your production facility (We’ll send you a label in your next order), and encourage your team members to place (not toss :) ) the empty cartridges into the recycle box, rather than the trash.

Once the political mail season has settled down in November, check and see if you have 50 or more to send in, let us know and we’ll send you a pre-paid UPS label to ship them to us.

Please have the number of boxes, their individual weights, and the number of cartridges you are returning when you ask for the label.

We appreciate you consolidating smaller boxes together to help us control shipping costs.

We’ll credit your account 75 cents for each OEM cartridge that is not physically damaged. Previously recycled / refilled cartridges are eligible for a 25 cent credit per cartridge.

Simple Tools for Print Marketing Impressions

Like us, I’m sure you’re all trying to leave a lasting impression on your clients and potential clients. One of the longest standing ways to do so is personalized print marketing, which with the dawn of digital personalization has gone by the wayside. According to this article, 56% of consumers trust print over any other kind of marketing…

Here are some simple ideas to make lasting impressions with traditional marketing materials.

What’s in a name? 2.0

Two days ago I posted about the bizarre yet successful IHOP name change. Today we’re going to the baseball diamond to explore one of the obscure trends finding its way to minor league ballparks across the country: one day name changes.

(I will admit, minor league baseball is a fascination of mine, which may or may not come back into play later on in this blog)