We always try to build trust with our customers

We’ve worked hard to make sure that we are a trustworthy source of your ink needs.  Our “Order by 4, it’s out the door” pledge is something we take very seriously, and we know you appreciate it by showing us your loyalty.  Here’s a little article from the Harvard Business Review on the topic.

A Big Thank You for 2018

I know these thank yous and looking forward to messages are supposed to happen within 30 minutes of the year turning over, so I apologize for letting things settle a little bit.  Ink4mail is always grateful to our loyal customers, and we had a new record month in 2018, so we appreciate you being part of our growth, and we hope that we will get the opportunity to serve you and your neighbor in 2019.

Please contact us if there are better ways we can serve you, features on our website that help streamline your processes, or any other wild hair ideas that you think might be interesting.

Have a Great Year!!