Anybody Else Attracted to the Word Stress-Free Today?

I’m of the opinion that once Halloween has passed, it is ok to add Pumpkin Pie to the menu. I don’t holler and scream if someone eats it before then, but there seems to be an order (probably related to harvests) of cherry / blueberry, apple, and then into pumpkin, but that is just one opinion 🙂

Probably too good to be true.

In our web hosting and web development side of our business, we come across a wide variety of spam / phishing attempts. This one came through this morning, and I thought it was worthy to write about …

Most use very generic email addresses, sales@, info@ (Which is also why those accounts get lots of spam, because most companies / domains have one.

But the part of this message that got me is the “This email is from a trusted source”. If you have to say “trust me”… 🙂

A new ink possibility

HP Versatile Replacement poll

KAO Collins is working on a competitor ink formulation of the HP Versatile (C8842A).  How interested would you be in trying the new cartridge?  We expect cost savings of 10% to 15% over the OEM cartridge.

Communication is easy, clear communication is hard.

You never really know if your communication is clear until well after it is sent, or at least that is how it feels in my mind. Hopefully we do a pretty good job at communicating clearly what ink4mail is here for, or at least answering questions when we don’t do the initial communication well …