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HP Inks

HP Products offer solutions specific to unique applications.  The HP C8842A Versatile is our best seller.  It is used on a variety of paper types, including Tyvek, and other difficult to print on surfaces, while maintaining good print quality.  See the range of HP inks that we stock for TIJ in the listing below.

The C8842A print cartridge (Versatile Black) is a pigment-based ink that enables printing on a variety of coated media.
$27.50 for 1 ‑5
$26.50 for 6+
In stock
The Fast Dry Black (C6195A) cartridge which boasts a dry time of less than one second on porous media.
$29.50 for 1 ‑5
$29.00 for 6 ‑23
$28.00 for 24+
In stock
$33.50 for 1 ‑5
$32.75 for 6+
In stock

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