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General Imaging

IQ2392A Black Ink for Aqueous Stocks

Manufacturer: General Imaging
Manufacturer Model: IQ2392A-N
Product Code: IQ2392A-N
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$33.75 for 12+
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New lower price!!

Replaces Q2392A. HP has discontinued the sale of the Q2392A cartridge, that is typically used for Aqueous coated stocks.

We\'ve sold it as Picasso in the past, as well as the HP Q2392A. It is also referred to as the HP 2560.

A solution is in the works, but a little background info on the Q2392A might help.

HP licensed the ink in the Q2392A from a company called General Ink, based in Japan. HP also private labelled the ink to a few companies, including SECAP which marketed the ink as Picasso, and RENA, which marketed the ink as EasyInk.

When HP discontinued the cartridge, they ended their license with General Ink.

As a result, Ink4mail has signed an agreement to source these cartridges from General Ink, filled with the Q2392A ink.

We have these cartridges in stock, and ready for shipment.

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