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IQ2392 - Black Ink Cartridge for Aqueous Coated Stock

Manufacturer Model: IQ2392
Product Code: IQ2392
$37.95 for 1 ‑11
$36.00 for 12+

This cartridge is not recycled, re-filled or re-manufactured,

it is a New Genuine OEM Product from HP

The IQ2392 Inkjet is no longer available. It has been reformulated to a faster drying formula and is sold as CG353A Picaso Ink. For more information on this cartridge go to our CG353A page.

The IQ2392 inkjet cartridge uses an innovative solvent-based pigment ink formulation that successfully prints on glossy substrates such as aqueous acrylic overcoated media at high resolution (45inch/sec., 600dpi x 300dpi).

Manufactured by GENERAL Company Limited (Osaka, Japan) in Ireland under contract with HP Specialty Printing Systems.

IQ2392 (Picaso) goes by several different names, if you are using Flex Print Aqueous or Momentum IQ348, try IQ2392.

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